Camp in Chilla National Park Rishikesh

The Chilla National Park Rishikesh is now a part of the Rajaji National park. You will see this zone to the south of River Ganges that cuts right through the Rajaji National park.

The diversity in flora and fauna is one of the many reasons why tourists flaunt this national park each year. In addition to that, the national park also boasts of great natural beauty with the Shivalik range in the background and the lush green forests that cover the entire area.

The Chilla National Park Rishikesh has always been a testimony to the relationship between man and the wild. In fact, there are several memoirs created for the wild animals that once lived in these forests. One such popular memoir is a tree that is dedicated to an elephant named Arundathi. This elephant was part of the forest department for almost 27 years. She was one of the most popular elephants with the forest officials and the visitors alike. You will see this tree near the forest rest house. It was planted after the beautiful elephant passed away on October 2nd 2007.

The Ganga Chaur Machan is another interesting location within the national park. It is a great place to just relax and enjoy the beauty around you and spot some rare birds. This wooden machan overlooks the river Ganages. So, from time to time, you have the opportunity of watching elephants, deer, wild boars, Indian hares and other animals stopping by for a drink. You can also enjoy the view of the island patch called Ganga Majhada from this area. You can visit holy temples such as the Bharatmata temple and the Manasa Devi Temple from this park or can just catch a glimpse from the machan.

You can be assured of the best amenities at Club Awara Rajaji National Park. The rooms are beautifully decorated and are extremely cozy. Based on the requirements that you have, you can avail extremely affordable packages. So whether you are planning to organize an event or are looking for a quick weekend getaway, this is the best place for you.

The wildlife in the National Park can be enjoyed by elephant safaris, jeep safaris and canter safaris. This sanctuary is known for the eco-friendly safari buses and jeeps that help preserve the natural beauty of the area.

There are several other activities that you can enjoy here. Jungle camps are the most popular choice of all the tourists who visit the area. You can enjoy an overnight stay in the edge of the forest and even experience bon fires and light music. The local hospitality is also the added feature of choosing these camps.

When you are at Club Awara, you can enjoy special packages to visit the Chilla National Park Rishikesh. A detailed itinerary that includes the areas in and around the park are included too. All the tickets and other requirements to access the park will be arranged for. Other activities like trekking can also be included in these packages. This is the most affordable option for corporates, families or even school picnic groups.

Chilla national park is just a few kilometers from Delhi and Haridwar. You can enjoy beautiful drives to either places from the national park. The Chilla Dam Road that leads to haridwar is one route that you must take to experience nature in all its glory.

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