Rafting in Rishikesh Package

Rishikesh is more than just a holy city. While it is a popular tourist spot with the River Ganges running through it, there is a lot more that people come to this city for. People who seek adventure and a rush of adrenaline make their way to stay at and have fun rafting in Rishikesh .

Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, the landscape of Rishikesh is extremely diverse, making it the perfect spot to enjoy several adventure sports including bungee jumping, flying fox, rock climbing, rappelling and lots more. One of the most popular reasons for adventurers to visit Rishikesh is white water rafting.

The river Ganges and her tributaries provide the perfect waters to enjoy rafting. The river flows at different speeds and depths and the variety of currents make this the perfect spot for beginners and advanced rafters alike. The waters are graded from grade 1 to grade 5. Grade 1 is meant for beginners while grade 5 is considered to be extremely dangerous and only experienced rafters are allowed to test these waters.

Club Awara provides several rafting in Rishikesh camp options so that you can enjoy the sport without any hassles. These camps consist of comfortable cottages or tents near the rafting site that is suitable for you. They are very comfortable with all the basic amenities in place. It is definitely an excellent experience to camp by the riverside.

The backdrop consists of the majestic Himalayas and the lush green forests will simply take your breath away. So, when you are not rafting, you can enjoy the quiet natural beauty of the area. You can even spot some rare species of birds in this area.

The Rafting in Rishikesh Club Awara camps consist of simple training programs to help you understand the sport well before you actually try it out. This is provided even to beginners to ensure complete safety. Your safety is the priority at Club Awara. The packages include all the safety gear that you need in order to get into the raft. This includes helmets, lifejackets, elbow and knee guards and the perfect rafting suit.

You will be accompanied by guides who are skilled rafters. They will keep you safe throughout. The rafting trips are planned based on the type of group that you are travelling with. If you are travelling with children, for instance, the spots chosen will be such that they whole family can participate.

All the requirements including food will be taken care of as part of these packages. The camps are easily accessible from the Delhi NCR area.

The goal is to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy these experiences. That is why when you opt for Rafting in Rishikesh through Club Awara you get the most competitive and affordable prices for the rafting packages. You can choose to spend just a weekend at the camp or can even look for extensive training camps that will be about a fortnight long. This depends upon your interest and the objectives of choosing a rafting camp.

In any case, you will see that the packages are very reasonable and provide you with all the facilities you need.

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