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Rajaji National Park Rishikesh, The large open areas and the lawns make it perfect for you to enjoy outdoor activities like badminton, cricket, football or tennis. You can even make use of the large golf course. If you want a quiet day to yourself and your loved ones, just relax and play some indoor games like chess or carom. You can even just take a dip in the beautiful pool. You can have the staff organize your trip to the park closeby as well.

Formed in the year 1983, after the amalgamation of three sanctuaries, namely, the Chila sanctuary, the Motichur sanctuary and the Rajaji Sanctuary; this National park has an impressive plethora of wild animals. In fact, it is known for its diversity and its population of Royal Bengal Tigers and Asian Elephants. The park is divided into two parts by the River Ganges. Located over the Shivalik range, it is one of the most spectacular national parks in terms of its natural beauty.

There are elephant safaris, canter safaris and jeep safaris that will take you into the depths of the sanctuary to introduce you to the untamed life in the national park. You will see that the interiors of the national park is teeming with wild animals. Among the most commonly spotted animals are the leopard, sloth bear, marten, jackal, hyena, civet, Bengal tigers and Asian elephants. You will also see several species of deer such as the spotted deer, sambhar deer and the Barking deer. The reptile life includes snakes, tortoise and lizards. Pythons, King Cobras and other species of snakes are common here.

If you want to visit the National park during your stay here, the Club will be able to help you plan the itinerary and also get great packages for the safaris offered in the national park. They will also be able to include other activities like treks in the area around the national park which is known for the natural beauty.

You can be assured of the best amenities at Club Awara Rajaji National Park. The rooms are beautifully decorated and are extremely cozy. Based on the requirements that you have, you can avail extremely affordable packages. So whether you are planning to organize an event or are looking for a quick weekend getaway, this is the best place for you.

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