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Shivpuri is one of the most popular tourist destinations in North India. This quaint town is only about 19 kilometers away from Rishikesh which is a popular adventure spot. Shivpuri itself is known for its natural beauty and Camping in Shivpuri Awara is an absolute delight when you are with your family and friends.

The landscape of Shivpuri offers some of the best spots for you to try out several adventure sports. This is also a popular site for bird watchers and nature lovers. The area is also known for being home to the elusive snow leopard. With several pug marks sighted often you may also have a lucky encounter with one.

If that is not exciting enough, you have a host of adventure activities that you can try out when you are Camping in Shivpuri Awara. White water rafting remains the popular choice as you have the glorious waters of River ganges flowing through Shivpuri. Other activities include bungee jumping, jungle trekking, rock climbing, mountain biking, nature walks, safaris and lots more.

All the adventure activities ensure complete safety. They are conducted by some of the best trainers and licensed groups. The package includes all the safety gear and equipment that you will need to enjoy the activities thoroughly. Camping in Shivpuri Awara provides the best base camp for these activities. The tents that you can choose range in costs and facilities provided. For those who are looking for a luxurious stay, you have the option of air conditioned cottages as well. You can even choose budget tents that will provide you with all the basic amenities that you need.

These tents are high in comfort and have the most hygienically maintained premises. The food provided to all the guests is freshly cooked and very clean. You also have the option of including local delicacies in your menu to enrich your experience of Camping in Shivpuri Awara.

The camps have the capacity to house large groups as well. Therefore, they are perfect for college groups, families, corporate groups and even adventure clubs who want to experience these extreme sports while choosing to stay by the river.

Riverside camping is certainly an experience that you must not miss. You can soak yourself in the natural beauty of the area. Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Shivpuri has a landscape that is positively breathtaking. You are surrounded by the sound of the river gushing and birds chirping in the background. This is the ideal way to rejuvenate and just take some stress off from your daily life.

You can choose overnight camps or long stay options as well. At night, games and bonfires are organized at locations of Camping in Shivpuri Awara; so that you can meet other guests or just have some fun with your group.

Shivpuri is definitely a nature loverís paradise. The untouched landscape, the flocks of exotic birds and the chance of encountering the untamed life in this area makes this the ideal vacation spot. The best time to visit these camps is between the months of September and May when you can enjoy all the activities mentioned above.

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